We provide our customers the convenience of a 24 hour emergency Make Safe service. No-one knows when disaster may strike but we are prepared to offer our services as promptly as possible to ensure damage is minimised and safety is restored.

At QQC we utilise the highest standards of workplace professionalism. We ensure our make safe service is safe and always take reasonable care not to cause further damage to a customer’s property.

We examine the scope of works (SOW) and maintain a high level of workmanship necessary to prevent injury, and provide the security needed to protect insured assets from further loss.

Our experienced and highly trained crew specialise in:

  • Tarping & Repairing Roofing
  • Repairing & Re-Glazing Windows
  • Acrow Propping Unstable Structures
  • Restoring Essential Services e.g. power, water
  • Installing Temporary Structures e.g. walls, fencing
  • Removal and trimming/cutting down of trees and landscaping
  • Salvaging Contents
  • Water Extraction & Structural Drying
  • Detailing Assessment Reports
  • Restoring order and making the area safe for the public

We can tarp, board up, fence, acrow prop and shrink wrap anything!

With 10 years experience specializing in emergency board ups, roof tarping, emergency temporary fencing, emergency acrow prop and structural inspections of storm damaged and fire damaged buildings, we’ve seen it all.

You can feel confident that - We will restore order, until repairs can be scheduled.

Make Safe Mobile Office

For assessment of repairs in storm affected areas.

We can be on site when disaster strikes so you don't have to wait.

Have your assets secure and protected within hours or days rather than weeks or months.

Experienced, qualified building contractors can repair or secure your home as required.