Make Safe Fast Wrap Service

Make Safe Fast Wrap is relatively new in Australia but has been popular overseas for a number of years. The process allows your assets to be protected from the weather by being shrink wrapped. Shrink wrapping is an extremely fast way to protect your damaged property from the elements.

Where can you use Make Safe Fast Wrap?  For storm damage, emergency repairs, scaffold, new builds, renovations and recladding leaky homes.

Say good-bye to the sight of tarpaulins flapping in the wind and pooled with rainwater. Waste no more time removing and installing tarps each day, re tie and re check, cost of hire.  These are all a thing of the past thanks to the new Shrink Wrap. 

Work on any part of a building in almost any weather, which saves both time and money. Shrink wrap your construction project and you have the ultimate solution to keep projects protected from rain and safely contain any debris and dust generated by the work inside. 

Make Safe Fast Wrap uses the US-made Dr Shrink brand of shrink wrap material, widely-regarded as the world’s best shrink wrap and it’s 100% recyclable. Dr Shrink wrap is so durable and tough that it’s guaranteed to last for 12 months in Australia’s intense sunlight and weather conditions.

The shrink wrap is attached to the scaffolding at the top and bottom of the building, adhering to itself for a tight, encapsulation no matter what shape the exterior, and it doesn’t normally need to be adjusted once initially fitted. There’s no risk of damage to the building either – the heat treatment used to shrink the plastic is timed to warm up the wrap but never burn through it or singe paintwork or materials beneath.

Because Dr Shrink wrap is white, it allows excellent light penetration for ease of work.

Our competitively-priced service is always custom-fit to your exact requirements. For more information please contact us.